Dealing with Change

How often have your plans changed when you least expected it?

Happens to me all the time.

I planned to publish my Friday post earlier. However, my plans had to be altered following a routine physical exam this past Wednesday. No big scares. Only a minor setback.

My FNP recommended I receive the Tdap vaccine since I’d not had a tetanus shot in a while and my whooping-cough shot dated back to the Johnson administration–or thereabouts. “You might experience a little muscle soreness at the injection site,” she said.

Well, you know the fine print where it says one in 300 will have a severe reaction? That was me. I spent much of the past two days shuffling between the bed and the couch as I battled muscle aches, headaches, chills, and other flu-like symptoms. At times it felt like someone had taken a baseball bat to various parts of my body. Thankfully I’m doing better.

Change can be unsettling. However, it can also be exciting.

Some of the greatest events in my life came about as the result of major changes.

I met and married my wonderful husband.
He got his dream job teaching at a U.S. military high school in Nürnberg, Germany.
We learned that I was pregnant with our daughter.
My agent called to tell me a publisher wanted to buy my book.

How we deal with change has much to do with our temperaments. A friend and I received some interesting news recently, and we responded quite differently. She immediately saw the positives, whereas I was a bit bowled over.

I wish I were like my friend, but it takes me time to adjust to any kind of news, good or bad. In this case the news is good, but I needed time to process the information.

Realizing that change can be a good thing is key to responding to it positively. I remind myself that were it not for the changes that have taken place in my life, I’d have missed out on many wonderful opportunities.

One big change I’m facing is the release of my debut novel. It’s scheduled to hit shelves in July. I’m busy learning about promotion and marketing, planning my launch party, and lining up bloggers who want to participate in a blog tour. I’m reading posts of those who’ve traveled this path before me. And I’m learning to embrace the changes to come.

And not to worry. I will avoid getting any kind of vaccine at the end of June.

• • •

How do you deal with change? Are you immediately swept up in the excitement of a new possibility, or do you, like me, need a little while to adjust to the news?

About Keli Gwyn

I'm an award-winning author of inspirational historical romance smitten with the Victorian Era. I'm currently writing for Harlequin's Love Inspired Historical line of wholesome, faith-filled romances. My debut novel, A Bride Opens Shop in El Dorado, California, was released July 1, 2012. I'm represented by Rachelle Gardner of Book & Such Literary. I live in a Gold Rush-era town at the foot of the majestic Sierras. My favorite places to visit are my fictional worlds, other Gold Country towns and historical museums. When I'm not writing I enjoy taking walks, working out at Curves™ and reading.
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18 Responses to Dealing with Change

  1. Those were amazing changes and this gal looks forward to buying your book. I deal with change in two different ways depending upon what they are. I either embrace it immediately, often at the expense of jumping into the deep end before I check to see if there is water in the pool … or I hang back, thinking it must be a mistake … something this good can’t be happening to me. Ying/Yang? Once the change happens the best thing to do, especially for you Keli, is to sit back and enjoy 🙂

  2. Susan Mason says:

    OH, sorry you had such a rotten reaction! That’s one reason I’m leery to get a flu shot! LOL.

    Feel better! Oh ya,and change – hate it!

  3. Gillian says:

    Good or bad news, I always take a while to process. I’m pretty comfortable with the same ‘ole, same ‘ole. I actually use prayer to calm myself down either way–thank goodness that works! 🙂

    I hope you reported your symptoms to the doctor or nurse–they keep track of those things. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Anonymous says:

    How I handle it depends on what kind of change it is. As long as I know pretty much what’s coming, I’m fine. New situations with strange people take me out of my comfort zone so I have to make a real effort, but that’s something I’ve had to do all my life. Good thing God promises to go every distance with me!

    Sorry to hear you had that reaction. Not pleasant at all! I hope you’re feeling better now.

  5. I’m so sorry you were ill. 😦 Hopefully you’re on the mend and the worst is behind you.

    How do I handle change? I usually whine and fuss for a little while, then roll up my sleeves and try to figure out how to work with what I’ve got. 🙂

  6. ugh. being sick like that just zaps me. thankfully that hasn’t happened in a while. [knock on wood] anyway….glad you are feeling better!

    i’m not a big fan of change, although typically when i’ve pushed through the uncomfortable portion of adapting, i’m glad i did.

  7. Martina Bedregal Calderón says:

    My entire life has been a change of plans….loool. I had never planned to live in the Sahara. I had not planned that my Tunisian fiancé was killed in an israelian plane attack on Tunis. I never thought that I would live and work in Scotland or Ireland. I had never planned to live 7 years in Peru, I never thought thatmy husband would abandon and betray me and that I would get divorced. And I hadn`t planned to fall in love again , and now I am so deeply in love….lol. So, in the end I would say that life is boring without sudden change of plans… Roll on, new change of plans (but please WITH my boyfriend, never again without him….)! 🙂

  8. Martina Bedregal Calderón says:

    And Keli, that was truey a wonderful change of plans for you, now your first novel will be out soon! Looking forward to it! 🙂 🙂 xxx

  9. the writ and the wrote says:

    I go both ways when it comes to change. Sometimes I crave it and do everything I can to make it happen. Other times I want to hide from it and stick with the status quo. Right now, I’m on a let’s change everything bender.

  10. Loree Huebner says:

    Oh Keli! Sorry to hear about the shot reaction. That kind of thing is scary.

    Big news or difficult news…big change or detour…I take a moment to digest it. Depending on how much time I have, digestion might be 2 minutes or 2 weeks.

    Feel better!

  11. Marji Laine says:

    My son could happily leave Chuck E Cheese as long as I gave him a 20 minute, 10 minute, and 5 minute warning. I find I’m the same way. Whether the change is good or bad, I have to take a few minutes to get used to an idea. And even when negative things come up, I can deal with the consequences, once I adjust to the changes. I think there’s something very basic about my make up with that.

  12. Anne Barton says:

    Keli, oh no! Sorry you had such a bad reaction to the shot. I’m glad you’re feeling better now!

  13. tamikaeason says:

    Keli, I hope you start feeling better. I think being sick is the worst torture. My mind can’t handle not being about actively doing something. If I lay around too long I get a splitting headache.

  14. So sorry you have had such a time with with the shots.That can be dangerous.
    I don’t like change & will put it off if I can but if not will pray about it and do whatever I need to.

  15. Oh Keli, so sorry to hear about the vaccine. *hugs* Glad you’re doing better though! When it comes to personal things, I tend to be a slow reactor. I’m almost outside myself trying to process things and when it’s safe inside, then I feel it. lol Or something like that. It can be both a good thing and a bad thing.
    Congrats on your good news! And good luck with all the planning. Am I supposed to throw a launch party? I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for that tidbit of info. 🙂

  16. Well, lol, i’m the wrong person to ask. This change my husband and I are going through is really a big one. New everything and I hope and pray I am handling it well though somedays I know I don’t. I haven’t had a whooping cough vaccination forever! Now I don’t want a new one! Ouch! Sorry you wound up that way–that would be me!

  17. Hi Keli! I like your blog! I’m following via Networkedblogs 🙂

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