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Sneak Peek Readers

Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature gives readers the chance to do just that. It’s a great way for online customers to see if they like a book before placing an order. The “Look Inside” feature was activated on my debut novel … Continue reading

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Friday Fun Victorian Style

One word that describes the Victorian woman with regard to fashion is modest. Women in the Victorian era followed rigid guidelines regarding conduct, conversation, and clothing. A lady could relax her dress some in the evening, perhaps showing a bit … Continue reading

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Romance: It’s All in a Name

Honey. Sugar. Sweetheart. These are but a few of the terms of endearment many couples use. But not Gwynly and me. We’ve come up with some of our own. My guy often calls me Wifely, and I call him Hubbly. … Continue reading

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Book Buying Choices: New or Used?

Our local Christian bookstore closed its doors for the last time this past Friday. The owner fought valiantly to keep the doors open as long as he could, but after eight years, Jireh’s couldn’t survive. I’d gotten to know Bryan … Continue reading

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Friday Fun Victorian Style

The Victorians loved flowers, so much so that they had a language of flowers. In my recently purchased reference book, Manners: Culture and Dress, published in 1892 (yes, I’m the proud owner of a book that’s 120 years old!), the … Continue reading

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The Healing Power of Romance

The siren of the snow-capped Sierras has my hubby on speed dial, calling him with an invitation to grab his cross-country skis and explore her majestic peaks and valleys. Many Saturdays, my guy spends several enjoyable hours doing just that. … Continue reading

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Meet the Reviewers: Anne Payne

I’m delighted to have Anne Payne as my guest. She’s a book reviewer who writes heartfelt reviews on her lovely blog Stuff and Nonsense II. That makes sense, because she’s a woman with a big heart. I’ve been blessed by … Continue reading

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