Romantic Reunions

Having lived in Germany in the early 90s when our U.S. troops were sent to the first Gulf War, I witnessed some tearful partings. That was the first time U.S. military personnel stationed in a foreign country were deployed, leaving their families behind without the usual support of relatives and stateside friends. The Army post in the town of Fürth, where Gwynly’s high school was located, was a sad and lonely place for many months.

But then came the reunions. And were they ever joyful. We tied yellow ribbons on the house we shared with a dear solider friend who lived above us to welcome him home.

To this day, I get teary-eyed when I watch news footage of troops returning home and see husbands and wives together again after the tense months or years of separation.

Gwynly and I haven’t spent much time apart during our twenty-four years of marriage. The longest stretch occurred many years ago when he went to Europe on a short-term mission trip with our church and was gone three weeks. When we are separated, I miss him like crazy.

I’ve been spending a couple of days with my parents, who both live out-of-town. While I looked forward to seeing them, I’ll be eager to get home to my guy. I doubt ours will be a tearful reunion–tears of joy that is, which I’m known to shed quite easily. After all, we only spent one night apart. I am looking forward to a great big hug, though.

Every now and then being separated can serve to intensify feelings of love and make getting back together again that much sweeter. Such reunions are definitely romantic.

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What’s the longest amount of time you and your special someone have been separated?

Have you witnessed some reunions of couples long separated that really moved you?

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18 Responses to Romantic Reunions

  1. Lisa Jordan says:

    Having been a military wife, I’ve had a couple of tearful partings, but our separations were short compared to long-term deployments until Hubby received orders to California. It was his last duty station, and we decided it would be best for me to come back to our hometown and get settled. After all, 10 months couldn’t be too long, right?

    So so wrong. The 10 months were the longest of my life. Our son was 9 months old when Hubby left for CA and 18 months old when he returned home. My greatest regret is Hubby missing out on those precious developing months.

    Now the longest we’re separated is about a week during my conferences. And there are romantic reunions upon my return. 🙂

  2. Lovely post as always, Keli. I am so in love with you and your love-mate 🙂 The longest separation was when my then boyfriend was sent to play “war games” with the Sixth Fleet on the East Coast. He’d be gone two to four weeks at a time. Missing his usual weekend passes during these times set me to writing some pretty romantic letters. Seeing that white cap walking off the ramp at Port Authority when he came home was a thrill. Each time I see the white caps in any city, I remember those Friday nights waiting at the end of the ramp for him to come home.

  3. My husband goes on business trips often and we spend anywhere from 3 to 4 days apart. But the longest was when he went back to Thailand last year for 14 days! Wow! I think I was like a little kid, I went about my business during his time away and I thought about him but it didn’t hit me how much I missed him until I saw him. I see that all the time with toddlers at childcare. They’re okay until pick up time and then they fall apart. It’s precious and sad at the same time. 🙂

  4. Oh yes, reunions move me and make me teary. *sniffle* Me and my guy are apart alot, esp. with his job taking him different places.

  5. Erica Vetsch says:

    Those military reunions get to me, too! I love the ones where the soldier surprises his family.

    The longest my DH and I have been apart has been a couple of weeks. And it always seems to be me leaving on a journey and him staying at home. I’ve been gone to help a sick relative, to visit my sister, to go to conferences and writing retreats, and he patiently waits for me to return.

  6. Three weeks when I went to Kenya for an HIV/AIDS missions trip, and man, did I miss my guy.

  7. During our first year of marriage, I went for 2 weeks to help my friend with her wedding. Two weeks is too long!!! I missed him soooooo much. I guess that’s good, though! If I hadn’t, something would have been wrong. 😉 I hope you’ve had a nice visit.

  8. Teri Metts says:

    On a number of occasions, two weeks while one of us was on a mission trip. In more recent years, I’ve spent a couple weeks with our daughter and her family when she had a baby. I do okay for the first week, but that second week gets long, and those last couple days before Joe and I are reunited seem endless. One thing I’m thankful for during these separations is modern technology that allows us to iChat, Skype, or FaceTime – and see each other as opposed to just hearing each other’s voices. These are also great with children and grandchildren who live much too far away.

  9. Martina Bedregal Calderón says:

    In the first place: I wish that there will be a time when no one has to go to a war any more or suffer from it!

    My boyfriend works for a British Tea Company in Hamburg, Germany, and he often has to travel to other countries as he is responsable for the import and export, and I really miss him badly and feal a painful feeling of separation every time he has to travel abroad.

    A Palestinian frriend of mine lives here in Germany with her 5 children and her husband as refugees. She had to wait 4 years for getting the permit from the german authorities to be reunited here with her husband. I was with her most of the time, helped her and comforted her and helped her to finally get the permit for her husband to live here with her and their kids. It was such a hard time.

    And the godfather of my son is a peruvian friend of us named Abraham. He was here in germany and went very ill in 1989 , his kidneys didn work any more and he needed dialysis and he finally got a transplanted kidney. It took us (his doctor and me and him) three years to get the permit for his wife who was still living in Peru to come here and to stay here from the german authorities. They finally were together and reunited , they still live here and they have 2 lovely daughters now. And as they all helped us so much when I came back with my son from Peru after being mistreated, injured there, after hunger, earthquake and other terrible things, I asked them to be the Godparents of my son, and they are part of our family now 🙂

  10. Julie Nilson says:

    Oh man, those military reunions get me every time. I just bawl at the videos on youtube. Those spouses, parents, and children were not only dealing with a loved one being away for a very long time, but also living with the fear that s/he might never come home! I’m sure that the joy and relief at having your loved one come home in one piece is just overwhelming.

    My husband and I were apart for about six months when we were dating, because I had the opportunity to study abroad in college. But since then, it’s never been more than a few days!

  11. Donna Pyle says:

    I resonated so deeply with this post, Keli. The husband of one of my best friends was just deployed from Germany to the Middle East for the next nine months. I’m going to visit her over Christmas so she won’t be alone. Partings are SO hard on military wives and husbands. Thanks so much for sharing your words!

  12. Linda says:

    When we were first married, hubby was in the Navy. He would deploy on a submarine for 3 1/2 months at a time. This lasted almost 3 years. The goodbyes were hard, but the welcome homes were soooo sweet.

  13. jeanniecampbell says:

    allan was gone for just over 2 months during the summer months after his father died. he went ot help finish the house his dad was building for their retirement home. he did all the renovations and needed home improvement…and we had very little visual contact (no skype b/c of no internet). it was VERY difficult with a three-year-old. but upon his return, i think we were definitely closer…just more appreciative of each other. in our case, absence definitely made the heart grow fonder.

  14. Martina Bedregal Calderón says:

    All our countries should stop making war in other countries. Then our men and women could stay at home….

  15. Anonymous says:

    When our kiddos were very young, my husband had to travel with his job. Even though it was an adjustment at first, the most he was gone at a time was 5 days. But since I had to play the role of a “single parent” during that time, it seemed more like 5 weeks! 😉 Seeing military reunions on television always gives me tears too—-so sweet. ~ That’s wonderful you visited with your parents–what a blessing! 🙂

  16. p.s. Not sure why my comment labeled me as “Anonymous” LOL! Hugs, Patti Jo 🙂

  17. Brianna Soloski says:

    I don’t have a significant other anymore, but when I did and we were long distance, I cried in the airport every single time. I am a sucker for those reality shows where they bring the troops home to surprise their kids.

  18. 366 days. Four months after we met, I put him on a plan to Nha Trang AFB in Vietnam. It was leap year so he had to spend an extra day. It was a very long year. I wrote to him every day and sent a package every two weeks on payday. He sent me 242 letters and I have all of them saved. He sure would like to know where they are. 🙂 He got back to the states on Wednesday, discharged on Thursday, I picked him up at the Sacramento airport Thursday night, we got our bloodtest at midnight at doctor’s office, picked up our marriage license on Friday and got married on Sunday. Yep, he didn’t have a chance to change his mind. 😉 I made my wedding dress and the church, minister, caterer, cake maker were so kind that if he hadn’t made it home on time, they would hold it all over until he was. We left the next day and drive back to Wisconsin to see his parents. He did say I couldn’t cry when he got home SO I sat in the airport lobby and sobbed before he got home. A nice lady was so worried she checked on me to see why I was so upset. When I told her what was happening she said she would hold everyone back until Ken got off the plane. Once I grabbed him, she would let the rest through. Never in almost 44 years have I regretted it. He did send me a beautiful diamond ring halfway through those 366 days. Still wearing it, too.

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