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Weasel Words in Our Writing

Weasel words invade our stories when we’re not looking. What are they? According to Wikipedia, the expression first appeared in Stewart Chaplin’s short story Stained Glass Political Platform (published in 1900 in The Century Magazine), in which they were referred … Continue reading

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Three Tips for Wordy Writers

Are you a Wordy Writer? I am. Want proof? Scan my past posts. Many are l-o-n-g. Too long. Wordy writing is one of Twelve Troublemakers that plague me as a writer. I’m exploring one a week. This is the eighth … Continue reading

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When Not to Follow Generally Accepted Guidelines

There are times when following writing rules, or generally accepted guidelines as I prefer to call them, is helpful. But sometimes we’re better off not following them. When Not to Follow Generally Accepted Guidelines When writing a rough draft ~ … Continue reading

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When to Follow Generally Accepted Guidelines

Writing rules exist for a reason. In many cases, following what I prefer to refer to as generally accepted guidelines strengthens our stories. The guidelines are generally accepted because they work. They’ve been proven over time by a multitude of … Continue reading

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Relief for the Writing Rules Obsessed

When it comes to fiction writing, rules abound. Some of us can recite them in our sleep. Avoid adverbs. Use exclamation points sparingly. The only acceptable dialogue tags are said and asked. Rigid adherence to rules is one of Twelve … Continue reading

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The Publishing World is Alive and Well

More books are being published these days than ever before. Writers are writing them. Agents are selling them. Editors are buying them. I subscribe to Publishers Marketplace, which is where agents and editors announce the deals they’ve closed. Each weekday … Continue reading

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The Upside of Feeling Down

Writers feel down at times. Discouraged. Defeated. And that’s perfectly normal. In fact, it would be abnormal not to experience bouts of doubt. We expose ourselves in our stories. The thoughts, feelings, and ideas explored in our works of fiction … Continue reading

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