Moving to My New Cyber Home

My gorgeous new website is live! You’ll find it at

This is my final post on this blog site. In order to receive my posts, you’ll need to visit my stunning new site. Once there, click the blog link in the menu bar and subscribe using one of the options in the blog’s sidebar: email subscription or RSS feed.

I’ll keep this blog up for a few months, but once I’ve gotten everything I need from it, I’ll delete the site. If you’ve linked to a post, you’ll need to update the link using the one for the post on my new site.

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New Site Coming and a Blogging Break

Exciting changes are afoot!

Talented web designer Jason Walker of Website Ministries has been working hard creating my new website. I can’t wait to reveal the results of his artistry. The site is stunning!

My blog is going to be combined with my website and will be accessed there soon. While Jason and I work behind the scenes to get everything neat and tidy before throwing open the doors to my new cyber home, I’m taking a blogging break.

As soon as the site is ready, I’ll publish a final post here and invite you to pay me a visit at my new location. Until then, you can find information about me and my debut novel here.

To learn more about A Bride Opens Shop in El Dorado, California, see the My Book page. The details about my fun-filled launch party and ice cream social happening on July 15th are on the Special Events page.

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Friday Fun Victorian Style

The Victorians liked to pose for photographs. The early Daguerreotype came about in 1839, when the inventor Samuel Morse returned to the U.S. after visiting Daguerre in Paris. Ambrotypes and tintypes followed in the mid 1850s.

The carte de visite came on the scene around 1859. This 2.5 x 4-inch photograph mounted on cardboard was affordable. When the Civil War tore families apart, many had photos taken so they could gaze upon their loved ones.

The photo above shows the four cartes de visite I found in an antique store and used as the models for the major characters in my debut novel. Although the photographs are over 140 years old, they are in remarkable shape, a tribute to the photography of yesteryear.

The carte de visite was replaced by a larger photograph in the 1870s. The 4 x 6-inch images were also mounted on cardboard. The one below shows the woman I used as the model for the heroine in my latest story.

Can you guess what these larger photographs were called?

(Hint: the name is two words beginning with a C.)

You can leave your answers in a comment. If you want to see if you guessed correctly, click this link. You’ll need a password, but it’s an easy one. It’s Romance with a capital R.

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