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Real-life Romance with Roxanne Sherwood Gray

I’m delighted to welcome romance writer Roxanne Sherwood Gray as my guest. We met online back in 2008, and I was impressed with what a sweet person she is. When we first connected, I learned that her life had undertaken … Continue reading

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Meet the Reviewers: Amber Perry

I’m honored to feature Amber Perry. I recently discovered her blog, the Historical Christian Romance Review, and am impressed by her reviews, her support of historical romance authors, and her appreciation of the faith element in the books she reads. … Continue reading

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Friday Fun Victorian Style

The Victorians were quite romantic. Every etiquette book written in the period that I’ve seen includes a chapter on writing love letters, for example. Love letters, however, were only one way young Victorians conveyed romantic messages, which could be difficult … Continue reading

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Romantic Reunions

Having lived in Germany in the early 90s when our U.S. troops were sent to the first Gulf War, I witnessed some tearful partings. That was the first time U.S. military personnel stationed in a foreign country were deployed, leaving … Continue reading

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Do You Speed Read?

Some people devour books, racing through them in record time and finishing two, three, four, or more in a single week. Others read slowly, taking days or weeks to make their way through a single story. I’ve never considered myself … Continue reading

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Friday Fun Victorian Style

I recently made a list of some of my favorite shows set in Victorian times. So that this post wouldn’t be too long, I forced myself to narrow my list down to three. That was not an easy task, let … Continue reading

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Romance Languages

What do you think of when you hear the words “romance language?” My daughter, a German-French major, immediately thinks of French. While French is one of the romance languages, I’m not thinking of that kind of language. I’m thinking about … Continue reading

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